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About Our Founders

Bill is President or owner of a number of businesses in the Wellington area.  He is past President and former owner of Precision Machining, Inc., the 1996 SBA Region VII Subcontractor of the Year.   

"There is no doubt that anything done by the Meridiths is going to be done right. This approach may be rooted in their business background. As a young man right out of school, Bill went to work operating a milling machine. He started his own company, Precision Machining, Inc., in 1966 to make parts primarily for the aircraft industry. The business boomed, and grew to the point that he received a number of awards and significantly expanded the operation. To this day, one building, which is adjacent to the ranch in Wellington, Kansas, still houses the largest metal milling machine in the world.

It is easy to see the enjoyment they both get from their cattle, but nothing matches the passion that Judy has for their Longhorns. If she likes a particular animal, there is no amount of money that can buy it. That particular Longhorn will not be leaving the Meridiths’ pasture.

Bill and Judy sold their machinery business in 1999, but they retained ownership of the buildings, hundreds of acres of wheat and pasture land, a majestic home, and some of the most beautiful Longhorn cattle in the country. They now focus on enjoying their cattle, their family, and visiting Wellington Christian Academy, a private school they built with the Lord’s guidance and where Bill serves on the school board."  -Tallgrass Cattle Company


Bill and Judy have given generously to a number of churches, scholarships and other non-profit organizations in the community.

WCA families are forever grateful to the Meridith family for the opportunity to have their children educated in a faith-centered school. 

Bill and Judy Meridith

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