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Mrs. Amend's 
2nd Grade

In second grade at WCA, we follow the Kansas State Standards in our curriculum with Biblical integration in all topics.

In Science, students will learn how to identify simple machines, explore the human body, such as cell structure, dental health and the digestive system, and learn how to classify life cycles of plants, insects, and animals.

In Social Studies, students learn about the development of America from the Thirteen Colonies to the Civil War. They also work on Map Skills, learn about the important leaders who influenced the Civil Rights Movement, and learn about the culture of Japan, Ancient China, and Ancient Greece.

In Language Arts, students learn about different types of poetry, have fun reading and identifying Fairy Tales and Tall Tales. They will also spend some time reading and discussing classic literature including Charlotte’s Web, The Trumpet of the Swan, and the Boxcar Children.

In our Bible lessons, students start at Genesis, learning about how the universe was created and then lessons carry them through the Bible chronologically.

Our math classes start the year focusing on place value, then we gradually work our way through two- and three-digit addition and subtraction, measurement, single digit multiplication and division, telling time, geometry, fractions, and money.


Each grade level will perform two Chapel skits a year that focus on Biblical principles. We also have four musical programs that the students participate in annually including a Veterans Day and a Kansas Day program.

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